Can we use weight gain supplements to gain weight ?


Who can use weight gain supplements


In our modern lifestyle, everybody wants to look their best. Nobody wants to look underweight nor overweight, everybody wants to have a muscular & a lean body to look smart. Being underweight is the result of nutritional deficiency and disorders in the digestive tract. If it is not cured in the initial stages, it can lead to various health hazards. The negative effects of being underweight include – stress & tension, weak immune system and depression. Nowadays, there are various supplements which can prove helpful in weight gain. Let us get to know more about these supplements –

How to gain weight –

How to gain weight

Weight gain supplements are available in varied categories. These comprise of protein supplements, hormone based pills which comprise of appetite stimulants, testosterone and various others. Various appetite stimulants help in stimulating the metabolic processes of the body, which helps you in feeling hungry. This will lead you to eat more, which eventually lead to healthy weight gain. A genuine product will help you in gaining weight naturally and it will not be just false water mass.

Things to consider –


If you are a novice, then it is understandably difficult to make a right decision. Choosing a right supplement is important if you want to avoid health hazards and side effects. There are various factors that you should consider before you make a final decision. Let us discuss those factors –

Calorie content – The calorie composition is the first factor that you should look in the supplement. If you choose extreme products, you will end up gaining extra excess fat which can prove unhealthy for you. Our body is made in such a way that it can only handle a particular amount of calories, so it is recommended that you avoid over consumption. As per the physical experts, you should consume 300 to 600 calories per serving.


Macronutrient composition – The macronutrient content cannot be overlooked. It has been noticed that some people add too much amount of sugar which leads to a sharp insulin spike. This insulin spike is acceptable if you have just finished your exercise schedule and you are looking to restore your glycogen levels. But, in other cases, make sure that you avoid this otherwise it can lead to extra fat storage in your body.

Cross-checking the fat content can also prove useful, there are products which can help in balancing fats and carbohydrates. All you need to ensure is that it’s not saturated fat.

Timing – If you are consuming a weight gaining product, then the timing of the consumption also plays a vital role. If you are consuming a shake that include extra level of fat then make sure that it is not consumed instantly post-workout. Such shakes should be consumed between your meals in order to gain extra calories.

Caution – There is no doubt that these supplements surely deliver results, but don’t be in a false illusion that it will build your muscles as well. It is important that in addition to consuming these supplements, you are doing strength training as well. These supplements will provide you with much needed calories, if you are not following a workout routine then you will end up gaining extra fat.

So, now when you are equipped with the above discussed information & facts, go ahead and make a smart choice.

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